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Capel Makers Trail Hex Flower


Capel Makers Trail Yellow Hexagon
Capel Makers Trail Yellow Hexagon
CMT Dark Blue Hexagon
CMT Light Green Hexagon
Capel Makers Trail Yellow Hexagon

Capel Makers Trail Concept

Capel Makers Trail Yellow Hexagon
CMT Dark Green Hexagon
CMT Red Hexagon
CMT Light Blue Hexagon
CMT Purple Hexagon

From humble beginnings, the idea for the Trail originated in an artist’s studio. Tracie Walsh, a resident of the Shire of Capel and a practising artist who has lived in the Capel community for 25 years identified her need to connect to the wider community and to have more people visit her home studio after she started her own business.

Tracie talked up the idea of a Trail in the community. The original idea was added to by hundreds of ideas and over the course of 18 months, the vision for the Trail was realised.

The Trail was not only an opportunity for Tracie to meet her own needs but now it was a response to the needs of the community.

The Capel Makers Trail Mission is to provide a framework in which communities within the Shire of Capel, community groups, individual makers and artisans can showcase their artistic and cultural diversity. 

Its objective is to shine a light on emerging and established artists makers, supporting their career development. 

The Vision for the Trail is that it will gather momentum and grow to become an annual event. Linking up with existing trails, such as Dardanup Art Spectacular and Margaret River Region Open Studios to play a part in opening up the South West Region to lovers of creative and artistic works.

The Trail values are:
-    Vision
-    Inclusiveness
-    Quality 
-    Integrity
-    Equality
-    Cooperation

Capel Makers Trail Hex Flower

By its nature the Trail is inclusive, it connects and partners.

In 2019 the Inaugural Capel Makers Trail played the role of connector bringing the artistic community together as one.

103 artists and makers, 11 home studios and 9 maker businesses participated, including the South West Rail and Heritage Centre and the Boyanup and Districts Farmers Market, representing over 14 community groups.

Capel Makers Trail is coordinated and promoted by Hummingbird Promotions Inc. A not-for-profit social enterprise. Their mission is "Cross-Pollination" - Embracing a diversity of ideas by collaborating with creative people and sharing these ideas to connect and inspire communities.

The executive and subcommittee are comprised of hardworking local artists, makers and community members. The Trail is funded by grants from various sources and is supported by State and Local Government, regional businesses and the South West community.


Planning for the Trail starts in early August and continues through to the event weekend in (typically) April.


Hummingbird Promotions Inc. builds on the existing strengths and assets of its artists and makers by providing professional development workshops in the lead up to the event to help increase the outcomes of the weekend for participating Makers.

By listening to the community, being flexible and working together the Capel Makers Trail adapts to and reflects the changing needs and concerns of the rural artistic community - giving them a voice.

We are proud to support emerging, developing and established artists and makers’ careers, and the arts community over the long term.

The Trail's Objectives


Utilising existing strengths and assets of communities, makers and artisans to build social capital and a vibrant arts culture. 


Embracing and celebrating the diversity of artistic communities within the Capel Shire.


Bringing the artistic community together.

Forming key partnerships that strengthen and support people, connecting them to place and prosperity.


Adapting to and reflecting the changing needs and concerns of rural artistic communities, makers and artisans, giving them a voice. 


Supporting emerging and developing makers and artisans careers, and the arts community over the long term. 

Capel Makers Trail Yellow Hexagon
Capel Makers Trail Yellow Hexagon
CMT Dark Green Hexagon
CMT Light Blue Hexagon
CMT Dark Blue Hexagon
CMT Light Green Hexagon

About the CMT logo

Capel Makers Trail Logo

Ever wondered about the story behind our logo? Like everything, our beautiful logo has its own story!

Designed by Tracie Walsh, its beginnings were almost a happy accident. The logo is based on the letters C M T (Capel Makers’ Trail). Tracie was playing around with the letters and she says the design came together easily and with no fuss.


Later, in her studio she was colouring in and grabbed a handful of pencils (hexagons), and realised that they were perfect in their shape and colour. The colours are now used in the Trail Guide to represent the different towns that participate in the Trail. Orange for Capel, light blue for Peppermint Grove Beach, light green for Dalyellup and maroon for Boyanup.

Tracie’s connection to the Trail is pretty special...it’s her brainchild, and after working with three other committee members last year on the project, she discovered the region has an appetite for all things creative!