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Meet the Makers

The new hub of South West arts, crafts and handmade creations

You're invited to watch, learn, share skills and even buy while trailblazing the creative spaces provided by over 50 local artisans, craftspeople and artists. 

Fri 21 May - Sun 23 May 2021

9.00am - 5.00pm

Trail Overview

Over the 3 days of this premier event, local artists and Makers showcase the very best that is handmade, reflecting the rich artistic and cultural diversity of the Shire of Capel.  The trail starts in the heart of each town. The venues are the South West Rail & Heritage Centre, the Boyanup and Districts Farmers Market, Capel Community Centre, Capel RSL Hall, Dalyellup Community Centre, Gelorup Community Centre and Peppermint Grove Beach Community Centre.  

You can start your weekend at these Trail Hubs and then visit artist studios for a creative, cultural and inspiring experience!


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What is a Maker?

Humans by nature are makers. Using our hand’s, we combine the art of creating with storytelling.


A Capel Trail Maker is anyone who is making a product by hand, for example, paintings, craft, produce, woodwork, metalwork, inventions, prototypes, books and music and based within the Shire of Capel. 

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​"Capel Makers Trail 2019 was a success on many levels for me.  

On the level of exposure within the community it created a platform whereby the general public could come into my garden and studio.  Most people, including neighbours, were surprised and delighted at what they found.  Neighbours really had no idea of what I did every day in my studio or even what a studio looks like.  I work alone for most of my studio time so it was refreshing to have interaction and affirmation from both friends and strangers. I gained more participants for my Welding Women Workshops and importantly made good sales of the work on offer. Having other artists from the Shire exhibiting in my garden gave great variation and interest for the viewing public.I look forward to participating in the next Capel makers Trail, whenever that may be.”
- Helen Seiver

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Join the Trail

Are you a Maker in the Shire of Capel?


If you're an artist and maker and want to be part of the premier event within the Shire of Capel we'd love to hear from you!

Not a maker but love art anyway? If you'd like to help us during the next Makers Trail, please register your interest. We'd love to hear from you too!